Selecting furniture for your home

16 Nov,2010

You finally received your possession certificate. What next? You may have been planning well in advance for a furniture list for your new home. Options are many in today’s market and configurations unlimited. How do you go about getting a set of furniture that you don’t regret later?

Everything looks good in the showroom, but will it continue to look presentable even after years of use? Do not neglect basics such as the brand’s track record, type of wood used, paint finishes’ durability and water resistance. Check with a few others who may be using the same brand and ask how the furniture has fared over the years.

Easy to maintain
One of the most abused pieces of furniture can be the sofa. Used as a bed, a play area or even a stand in some cases, most sofa finishes look like they belong to a car mechanic’s waiting area, after mere 2 years of use. While leather is easier to maintain than fabric, it can wear off quickly too. Select fabrics that can last long and not lose their shape.

Many pieces of furniture are often poorly designed and have unsightly corners and edges which can even cause injury. Look at how a chair supports you or how a dining table seats you comfortably rather than merely going by looks.

Okay, the cot system looks fabulous in the showroom, but how are you going to get it through your 3’6” door? Large pieces of glass will not fit into your elevator, let alone go through the door. Think of whether you will have a problem shifting the fancy furniture to your 15th floor condo if you aren’t allowed or able to use the lift.

If your furniture dealer offers a mere 6 month period warranty, it may deserve a second look-in. Check whether spare hardware is easily available and there are people who can service your favorite furniture piece.

Plan for the plan
When you go shopping for furniture, take a copy of your home plan along, with the electrical switch locations marked. It will take the guesswork and quite a lot of pain out of your furniture shopping.

If you are staying in a condo which has similar units and people have already begun living in those, it may be a good idea to go about doing a bit a socializing. And on the side observe how people have managed with their similar sized home.

Plan for the future
Think of any requirements that may crop up in the next few years. Since you are not likely to move out of your home for quite sometime, your home and its furniture should be adaptable to your needs. It may not help things if the large cot in the centre of the master bedroom absolutely blocks any other worldly possession from getting in.

Free installation
Insist on seeking out offerings where you get installation, transportation and perhaps a duration of maintenance free along with the purchase.

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