How can homes increase productivity?

15 Nov,2010

Most of us have a pre-defined amount of time each day for work, family and leisure. This amount of time is more or less similar among all people. Yet some people manage to propel their careers and lives greatly more than others. How? Ever thought of how your home could actually impact what you manage to pack into a day.

More time to travel means less time to recuperate
Think of your day as a routine that your body faces. After about 9 hours of work, considerable strain builds into our bodies and this gets flushed out on a regular basis by good sleep, family time, good exercise and food. But with close to 3 or more hours being wasted on travel daily, one does not realize the sacrifices one makes on a daily basis. You cannot make up for lost sleep over the weekend. It has to be on a daily basis. Period.

Get yourself a home where you don’t need to spend too much time on travel to work.

The air around your home
If your stay in an apartment where the surrounding air quality is so poor that you need to live on air-conditioned air all the time, it is perhaps time to make a shift. A few trees and good landscape cover around your home greatly enhance the quality of air which you breathe on a constant basis. Better air means more energy, and in turn greater productivity.

The terrible impact of noise
We live in a noisy country. Throughout the day, we are subjected to horn-friendly drivers, tampered silencers, construction noise and other irritants. Why should this carry on through the night? Many apartments are planned indiscriminately without any thought to the irritants in the surroundings. Choose your home wisely after a good walk around the neighbourhood to test out any irritants.

Planning inside the home
Good architecture takes expertise and creativity to utilize spaces smartly. It also turns out that good architecture does not come easy and needs lot of time and deliberation in the planning stages. Good architecture makes everyday life easy inside the home by utilizing every single inch of space available. Bad architecture on the other hand, causes ‘dead’ spaces, which are unusable, inserts doors which block spaces when opening, does not provide for your appliances, and in short ends up creating minor irritants on a regular basis inside your home.

Social life
Research indicates that people with a healthy social life have fewer health problems. Anyone who has spent a stint at hospital will vouch for the severe restrictions that a major health disorder can bring upon one’s life. Look for apartments where social life could flourish, and where your kids will find friends easily.

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