What to look for in an apartment?

15 Nov,2010

Most often, buyers of apartments are not clear in what they seek in their dream home. Many start with the best clear parameter available, which is the budget available. Many are not clear on even the location, let alone other finer aspects of house hunting. Let’s then have a look at some of the critical aspects to look out when seeking your dream home.


Location. Location. Location.
Often cited as the most important parameter to look out for in the hospitality and retail industries, location is critical when selecting your home. Look out for important aspects like access, future development, infrastructure around the location.


Often parking related questions are never asked, or insufficient details sought. Explore options in extra parking if the need should ever arise.


Play areas
Look out for facilities offered for children and whether these can be monitored easily. Check if play areas clash with vehicle movements.


Electrical fittings
Check whether electrical fittings are planned well within the apartment. Often, ill-planned electrical fittings locations can play havoc with any furniture planning.


Master planning
Check for what other infrastructure has been planned within the overall development. Well-planned infrastructure means that your property will appreciate well and you would find it that easier to find sellers.


Check what type of elevators have been planned within the apartment blocks, the brand of elevator used, the safety track record and the details of their maintenance schedule and contract.


Utilities connections
Check for the different utility points within the house. Electrical meters should be easily accessible and locatable. Ditto for water meters.


Check whether the surroundings have greenery and tree cover. This usually means better quality of air. Check if the apartments overlook noisy streets or unpleasant elements like garbage dumps. Remember, you are going to sleep in this new home each day of your life and ensuring the quality of air and sound-control are acceptable will determine whether you get a good night’s rest.


What amenities would be available for you and your family when you move in? Are there enough amenities and access to essentials in and around your apartment?

These are just some of the essential questions that home buyers should ask. There may be many more, and it is best to get into details so that your dream home turns out to be exactly so.

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