Low rise townhomes the key to luxury living

Is there a middle-path where luxury can combine with smart pricing? Low-rise luxury housing could hold the key.

Selecting furniture for your home

You finally received your possession certificate. What next? You may have been planning well in advance for a furniture list for your new home. Options are many in today’s market and configurations unlimited. How do you go about getting furniture?

Build on your own land or get a condo?

While a decade back, availability wasn’t such a big issue as it is today, the emergence of sleek condos has created more options than ever for the home buyer. So what does one opt for? Here are a few pointers to help you choose.

How can homes increase productivity?

Most of us have a pre-defined amount of time each day for work, family and leisure. This amount of time is more or less similar among all people. Yet some people manage to propel their careers and lives greatly more than others. How?

What to look for in an apartment?

Most often, buyers of apartments are not clear in what they seek in their dream home. Many start with the best clear parameter available, which is the budget available. Many are not clear on even the location, let alone other finer aspects of house huntin

Can buildings increase productivity?

Ask any HR manager and out would come tales of employees spending more time crafting complaint letters about office work environment when they should have been ideally writing code. But then, one cannot truly ignore the workplace related concerns of an in

The Logic of building logically

In a country where everything which goes wrong is generally analyzed after everything has gone wrong, it may actually start making sense to ask a few whys and hows for everything that matters.

5 questions customers never ask builders!

Here are 5 questions which one could ask the developer, sooner than later. And get lucky while choosing a home.

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