Neomall, Bangalore

Neomall (Mall of Bangalore) incorporates a bowling alley, a hypermarket, a multiplex, electronics mega stores, F&B outlets and leading retail brand outlets.

India’s largest integrated lifestyle centre gives you a shopping experience that is hassle-free and convenient. Fully equipped with a Family Entertainment Centre, a 42-Lane Bowling Alley, a Hypermarket, a 5-Screen Multiplex, 26 F&B outlets, 2 Electronics Mega Stores, leading Retail brand outlets and ample parking, Neomall (Mall of Bangalore) is Bangalore South's new retail destination. For those who live in Neotown, it's another reason not to burn your fuel and time, whenever you need to do a bit of shopping or eating out.

To view Neomall (Mall of Bangalore) website, click here.

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