Townsville is a smart-priced luxury townhome community at Neotown. Bringing the unique concept of townhouses to Bangalore, this community has something in it for each member of the family.

What do you want in a home?
When this question comes up in your mind, you begin thinking of how many features a home should have to satisfy the needs of each member of your family. While the lady of the house desires safety, convenience and spaces that help bring a vibrant social life, the man would need an exclusive address and community. The children have their own wants such as garden and play spaces, while the elders need calm and a community that brings to them a secure social life.

Townsville is a smart-priced, luxury community that brings the concept of the townhomes of Europe to Bangalore. Stay in a smart community in a home that takes care of you. However, there are only 124 of these premium townhomes.


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