Neotown Bangalore

Welcome to the 12 Minute Lifestyle Suburb.

Neotown is a brand new lifestyle suburb spread across 120 acres of prime land, classified by distinct precincts, in Bangalore. Neotown is master planned with three Residential Precincts, a Business Precinct, a Tech-Icon Precinct, a Hospitality Precinct and a Town Centre Market Precinct comprising of a large mall, a family health clinic, a school and a creche.

Tech-icon Precinct: Redefining office space to mean more office and more space, the Tech-Icon Precinct offers a world class working environment. For the few who live in Smondoville, you may never have to leave Neotown again.

It’s where it all comes together. The Town Centre cum Market Precinct provides a host of social facilites for residents of Neotown, binding the very fabric that weaves this extraordinary city. It is anchored by Neomall (Mall of Bangalore), India’s largest strip mall.

Neomall (Mall of Bangalore):
India’s largest strip mall gives you a shopping experience that is hassle-free and convenient. Fully equipped with a Family Entertainment Centre, a 42-Lane Bowling Alley, a Hypermarket, a 5-Screen Multiplex, 26 F&B outlets, 2 Electronics Mega Stores, leading Retail brand outlets and ample parking, Neomall (Mall of Bangalore) is Bangalore South's new retail destination. For those who live in Neotown, it's another reason not to burn your fuel and time, whenever you need to do a bit of shopping or eating out. See

Smondoville is a collection of Smondos, each custom designed for optimum efficiency. This residential precinct of Neotown introduces a new breed of housing. Smondos are right-sized, right-priced, smart condos. They are designed to please aesthetically, environmentally and financially. With a Smondo, you get more, for less. See

Smondo 2.0: Smondo 2.0 evolved as an upgraded version of the Smondo, in response to the feedback we received from our clients the first time around. Having sold out the first phase of Smondoville in a matter of just four months, we went back to the drawing board to better the already popular Smondo and redesign it as a customised option. Smondo 2.0 incorporates your valuable feedback and suggestions, so that your home suits your needs. Simply put, Smondo 2.0 is designed to give you more choices, for YOU to decide how you spend your time every day. See

Smondo 3.0: After the success of the earlier smondos, our team went through the response received and found there's still a huge segment of people who love the product, but could not buy due to several reasons. Smondo 3.0 was created to answer the overwhelming demand from the people who wanted the same concept, but with different needs. While every smondo comes with the same quality and design that the first smondo made popular, Smondo 3.0 offers a different variety of choice and price. And as every smondo before, Smondo 3.0 offers the same benefit of living in an integrated township and the assurance of an international builder. Click here to see Smondo 3.0.

Residential Condominiums:
At Neotown, there’s something to suit everyone’s aspirations. Each of these multi-family residential condominiums are designed to pamper and comfort the proud owners. From smart plans that make spaces more efficient and condominiums that offer a special arrival experience into grand elevated lobbies, to the high-end condominiums that are fitted with jacuzzis and backed by a concierge service & state-of-the-art security, these are just a few of the features of these homes, which need to be experienced to be believed.

Townsville: For those who prefer living in an independent home with their backyard, this precinct offers just the solution. Smart, efficient and well designed, each villa/town house is custom-built as per the preferences of the owner. With so many choices and variety in single family homes, Neotown makes for a true urban community.

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