Smondo 2.0

The integration of smart design and the efficient use of space make the Smondo a functional home, which allows for comfortable living at a comfortable price and location. Smondo 2.0 is designed to give one more choices to decide how to spend time every day.

Smondo 2.0 evolved as an upgraded version of the Smondo, in response to the feedback we received from our clients the first time around. Having sold out the first phase of Smondoville in a matter of just four months, we went back to the drawing board to better the already popular Smondo and redesign it as a customised option. Smondo 2.0 incorporates your valuable feedback and suggestions, so that your home suits your needs. Simply put, Smondo 2.0 is designed to give you more choices, for YOU to decide how you spend your time every day. To check out the Smondo 2.0, click here.
To view construction update, click here.

Download the Smondo 2.0 price sheet here.
Download the Smondo 2.0 payment schedule here.

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