C: - The Thinkspace

Giving employees more office and more space, C: is the next-generation think space, where smart design encourages productivity and collaboration.

There’s a clear link between happiness at work and productivity. One wonders, does being productive make us happy or does being happy make us productive? The answer is, of course, the latter.

If there is one thing that defines some of the most successful organisations across industries, it is their people. Or to be more specific, it is their team of happy people. Because, let us face it; no one works better than a person who wants to come to work every morning.

C: is an SEZ designed to function as an evolved IT space. Where innovation is the need of the hour, C: attempts to make productivity a given by creating an environment that simply lets people think. Innovative products & solutions are best thought of in innovative spaces. C: has been developed to provide over 3 million SFT for your people to create the next big thing.

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