Why Work With us

India’s economy is on the rise. A considerable part of the spend in the upcoming decade will be in the creation of quality building infrastructure. As the country moves up to become a global force to reckon with the focus will shift into how we create effective living and working spaces for our people, who are the driving force behind the economy.

Our Legacy

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the $2.6 billion Patel Engineering Group whose 6+ decades of excellence lays the foundation for our values.

Our legacy of over 6 decades of excellence of our parent company, Patel Engineering, has been instrumental in shaping up our philosophy of looking into the details closely. As an infrastructure major, Patel Engineering has set the benchmark in delivering quality large-scale infrastructure, such as dams, irrigation, power, road systems among others. For more information, visit


Why work with us?

Patel Realty is in the middle of a very exciting phase, and is poised to truly leverage the Indian economic growth story. We look at our people to be the driving engines of our growth and that is why, we engage only high-performers.

We like to keep things simple and logical. We choose to focus on the creation of smart spaces through smart thinking, which in turn truly unlocks the value of our land banks. Since we own our land tracts, we have tremendous flexibility to put in place the best infrastructure in our projects. An example of this, is the upcoming Neotowns at Bangalore, Port Louis and Noida, sprawling integrated townships, where considerable thought has been given to every single detail in the projects. See our project pages to learn more. As part of our workforce, you will get multiple opportunities to unleash your potential as your help us deliver on our promise to our customers and in the process add tremendous value to your own career.

People first

People are our most important assets, and our people work smart each day to help us deliver on our promises to customers. Our people are family to us and we believe in taking good care of them. In turn they continue to generate enormous value each day for our customers.

Who are we looking for?

If you are a high performer with a keen eye for details, and possess the vision to look beyond the ordinary and at the truly large picture, you would enjoy working with us.

Our people:

  • are suspicious of the obvious
  • are visionaries
  • think of the large picture
  • are passionate about infrastructure and real estate
  • can blend opportunity with potential
  • create value for our customers each day
  • reach for the skies while rooted to the ground

If you think you possess a large number of these attributes, we would love to have a detailed conversation with you. Click here to view openings.

What work will you do?

Patel Realty has a spectrum of projects – Townships, Smart Condominiums, Luxury townhomes, Retail centres, Recreation zones, commercial office spaces. As part of our workforce, your work would touch one or more of these projects. If you have initiative, we will provide you a platform to help you realize your aspirations.

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