Sustainability has become a commitment more than a word. We deserve a living environment better than it is today. Without question, the impact of decisions made today pertaining to the construction of new structures will be felt for decades to come.

Everyone engaged in building the fabric for future generations must become true stewards of environmental responsibility. PRIL understands and commits to this challenge and responsibility.

At Patel Realty, we believe that each of our projects reflects both our commitment to superior quality for our clients, and our commitment to maintaining the vitality and well-being of neighbourhood, city, and environment. With these commitments firmly in mind, Patel Realty is forging a new path that leads us to closely examine and effectively manage the environmental and human impact of every building we develop. To guide this effort and determine our performance metrics, we have adopted the nationally recognized Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System.

Patel Realty's first IGBC LEED Certified project is our own office located in Jogeshwari West, Mumbai, demonstrating our effort to fulfill these stated commitments and to embody our corporate values.

Patel Realty's LEED certification effort enabled us to identify and improve our performance in each of the following five areas:

  • Sustainable site
  • Water: conservation, usage, recycling and waste management
  • Energy and atmosphere: conservation, usage and waste management
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Materials and resources - recycling, waste reduction, efficiency and pollution mitigation

Through this intensive and comprehensive effort, we have taken the first step on our new path toward reducing the human impact on our environment and fulfilling a commitment that we hope will define a standard of excellence for environmentally-conscious development for many years to come.

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