At Patel Realty we are focused on Excellence. It's our constant endeavor to create high quality, cost effective, eco friendly and lively projects.

Our projects would always reflect the concept of "Holistic Life". We value the importance of our relationships with all employees, clients, vendors and partners. We take great pride in our parent company and cherish their ideals, creating dependability, innovation and value.

  • We are committed to creating value for customers through an exhaustive set of processes, procedures and principles
  • We have a highly trained team composed of engineers, architects and other service professionals who understand the demands of today's customer - and the means to deliver them
  • We use the best consultants, designers and architects from around the world - selecting partners based on experience, process and consistency to ensure you get the best possible product
  • We have evolved quality measures for all life-cycle phases of services and products
  • We have developed quality monitoring processes to supervise all stages of construction and development and have set up systems, procedures and standards to minimise errors, defects and rework, and to continually improve quality levels
  • Our Information Technology is designed to monitor and maintain accountability, transparency, and quality
  • Our vendors, from tiles to lighting to cabinets are selected first based on quality considerations, not price

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